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B Brothers Manuka Jellybush Honey rated at 200+ MGO is the start of medical grade Manuka - providing a balance between the rich flavour of natural Australian Manuka honey, and the active antibacterial properties that Manuka is celebrated for.  

Cold extracted and non-blended, B Brothers Honey is 100% locally sourced from Queensland and New South Wales.

B Brothers Raw Manuka Honey comes directly from the beekeeper, guaranteeing the premium quality that only nature and passion can provide. Manuka 200+ MGO Honey is raw and cold extracted, ensuring its natural goodness is protected from heat damage and unwanted additives.

Manuka honey is famous worldwide, not just for its rarity and superior flavour, but for its celebrated wellbeing and antibacterial properties. The effectiveness of these health benefits within Manuka honey is measured using the MGO rating.

Manuka Honey 200+ MGO 500g

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